A list of selected works to date. Scores and parts are available from the composer on request.
Original works and transcriptions for the guitar can be downloaded free here. 

Scores for guitar are available to purchase as digital download from Trove Music, and others can be accessed at the Australian Music Centre.



Gemini (2007) for orchestra 7:00

Lomax Sketches (2008) for orchestra 7:20

Magenta (2007) for orchestra 8:40

One Last Tango (2010) for orchestra 8:00


Music Theatre

Seven Deadly Sins (2015)
    1. Perth - Anger
    2. Hobart - Envy

for orchestra and soloists 15:00



Ahhh... Summer! The Municipal Pool (The Diving Board and the Meaning of Life) (2015) for six voices SSmezTBaB, text Michael Leunig 3.30

The Actual Petals of a Flower (2009) for mixed choir SSATB 5:40

As Our Bonfire Burns (2008) for mixed choir SATTBB 3:30

Canticle to Brother Sun (2006) Song cycle for five female voices SSAAA and harp text St. Francis of Assisi 20:00

Cleopatra (2015) for soprano, clarinet, cello and piano, test W. Shakespeare. 8:00

De Profundis (2008) motet for mixed choir SATB 8:00

From the Tempest (1991) 12:00

in Just- spring (2006) Song cycle for baritone and double bass, text e. e. cummings. 12:00

John the Revelator (2010) for baritone and chamber orchestra 5:50

Let the Stars Plummet (2006) Song cycle for soprano and piano, text Sylvia Plath. 19:30

Some Common Prayers (2005) Song cycle for six voices SSATBaB, text Michael Leunig 5:20

Under the Earth (2008) for mixed choir SATB, 2 fl., 2 Bb cl,. trom, piano, timp, v., va. and vc., text Prof. William C. Clarke 5:00

Visionary Songs (2011) Song cycle for soprano and piano, text Hildegard, Linnaeus, Hardy, Blake and Darwin 15:00

Vorrei... (2012) Song cycle for tenor, soprano and ensemble, text Ginese Triaca 35:00


Chamber and Solo Instrumental


a cappella - tap dancing interlude (2009) for percussion ensemble, 4 players

(timp, triangle, 2 sus. cymb., bongo, tam tam, snare, vibraslap, bass dr., xyl., mar., vib.) 3:15

Aus den Schloten der Munitionsfabriken (2007) for percussion ensemble, 4 players

(vib, 4 med. anvils, 4 large anvils, 4 light bulbs, glock, shaker, ratchet, 2 sus. cym., xyl., mar.) 11:45

Balls in the Air (2002) for guitar trio 3:25.

Black Cat Tango (1995) for two guitars 4:40

Black Rook Prelude (2006) for piano 6:44

The Body Beautiful (2006) for flute, clarinet, guitar, vibraphone & piano 6:00

Bransle (2003) guitar quartet- treble, 2 standards, bass 6:50

Cabaret : Closed (2006) for clarinet, cello and guitar 4:00

Canzona (2004) for harp

Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground (2009) for Eb clar, 2 clar, bass clar, 2 flug, eupho, tuba, 4 perc. 9:49

Do the Sleepwalk (2002) for two guitars 3:30

Field Holler 1 (2008) for violin and guitar 8:30

Four Guitar Trios and a Quartet (2005) 15:00

Lament (2006) for flute and pre-recorded sound files 15:10

Lindeman Variations (2008) (Lord Christ, when first you came to men) for organ 8: 20

"love is more thicker than forget" (2004) after e. e. cummings, for cello & guitar. 6.20

Composed on the Wedding of Jane Tallon and Owen Thomson.

Meridian III (2006) for horn alone 5:00

Miracles Occur (2006) for fl., mar., v., vla., vc., glock. and tape 3:25

Pappagallo (2006) tarantella for flute, clarinet, elec. guitar, vibraphone & piano 2:20

The Rings of Saturn (2008) for flute, harp and viola 6:00

riverrun (2006) concertino for guitar, 2 violins, viola & cello 9:00

Sei Libera (2012) for trumpet and string quartet (6:00)

Show (2002) for violin, flute, Bb clarinet, 2 guitars, marimba & double bass 8:15

Sonatine - Three Wire Walks (2008) for brass ensemble -4 horns, 3 trumpets in Bb, 2 trom, tuba. 9:00

...the ineluctable modality of the audible. Open your eyes... (2012) for large mixed guitar ensemble

Tiramisu (2007) for flute and bassoon 5:10

To the Moon (2010) for wind octet (pic, fl, ob, cla, bs. cla, bass, cont.) 5:00

Trio (2011) for flute, piano and cello 10:30

Two Guitar Trios (2009-10) 1. Introduction - Prism 6:40. 2. Tricks of Light 4:40

Wollemi for piano (2016) 12.00